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Michele Nardiello was born in 1956 in Italy and graduated in 1978 with honour at "Accademia delle belle arti" of Carrara.
As young student Mr. Nardiello demonstrated a natural bent towards the artistic subjects and hence started operating as painter, with particular fondness of drawing, design and oil-painting. During his studies Mr. Nardiello could improve his knowledge and specific skills in fields such as design, graphic, research and development of new material. After the graduation he practised his competence working and operating in different Italian cities and gaining always more professional experience. His works of art are in fact present in several private Italian collections, such as in many European countries where his professionalism has been deeply appreciated.
In 1973 Mr Nardiello realised his first mural work, drawing the inspiration from the greatest masters of the past, such Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello and many others. In 1980 he moved to Monza and started a professional cooperation with important studios in Milan. In the same period he had his first experience in the field of artistic restoration, acquiring the fascinating technique of fresco and the basis of external decoration.
Mr. Nardiello currently lives and works in Germany - Garmisch Partenkirchen - where he has been studying in depth and realising important Trompe l'oeil, external/internal decoration and restoration of ancient buildings. Moreover, it is possible to admire some of his works in the exhibition situated in Garmisch-Part., Ludwigstrasse 14. There, the passionate visitor can find oil on canvas and panel, copies of great masters of the past, ceramics, portraits and some typical artistic products of Italy.

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