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Trompe l'oeil
  Trompe l'oeil up panels

Acrilic on canvas cm 120x80 Airbrush on panel cm 170x120
Acrilic on panel cm 60x55 Oil on canvas cm.78x47
Oil on canvas cm 100x100 Airbrush on panel cm 100x73
Evidence of illusionon canvas cm 280x260 Detail of Acrilic on canvas cm 200x120
Decorated panel cm 200x100 Detail of decorated panel 1
Detail of decorated panel 2 Detail of decorated panel 3
Acrilic on panel cm 100x70 Detail of Acrilic on panel
Display cabinet, acrilic on panel cm 160x135 Display cabinet
Display cabinet 2 Display cabinet 3
Display cabinet 4 Acrilic on panel cm 90x67
Decorated door cm 195x75 Acrilic on panel cm 120x60
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